Introduction to DuckDocs

Use DuckDocs to create a documentation site with Markdown in minutes.

DuckDocs is a platform for building gorgeous product documentation sites with Markdown.

This website you are looking at now (the DuckDocs support site) was created using DuckDocs.

If you sign up for DuckDocs you will receive a 14 day free trial, in which you can build and publish as many documentation sites as you like. After your trial, subscribe to one of our fairly priced plans to keep your site online.

Use Cases For DuckDocs

Here are just a few ways you can use DuckDocs

  1. iOS/Android app documentation
  2. SaaS product user guides
  3. API developer guides
  4. Open source project documentation
  5. Internal employee manual
  6. More!

Getting Started With DuckDocs

Simply sign up for an account and create your first site in two clicks.

This site can guide you through some of the more advanced features.

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