Free for open source

We love open source. If you're the maintainer of an open source GitHub project, you get DuckDocs for free.

Hey there project maintainers! We love open source and want to say a big thank you for all the work you do building and maintaining free software.

If you maintain an open source project we will give you a free Indie plan subscription.

How To Get A Free Account

Requirements For A Successful Application

  • The open source project should be an original work, and not a fork or copy of someone else’s repo.
  • Your code must be licensed with an OSI approved genuine open source license (eg: MIT, Apache 2, GPL, AGPL)
  • You must be listed as a maintainer on the project.
  • The open source project must contain real code (no auto-gen’d boilerplate for example)

How To Apply

  1. Sign up for a DuckDocs account

  2. Send the following information to

  • Subject line: Free FOSS Account Request
  • A link to the public code repository
  • Some evidence you are a maintainer or significant contributor to the project (eg commit history, the project lives under your username, etc)
  • The email address you used to create your DuckDocs account.

Why we offer free accounts

The DuckDocs team maintains the open source SQL desktop app Beekeeper Studio, so we know how much work it can be to maintain an open source project.

We found the burden of maintaining our own documentation site alongside a large project to be too much to manage, but most of the online docs platforms weren’t really set up for small teams or open source projects. We built DuckDocs to solve that problem for ourselves.

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