How to create a docs site in DuckDocs, add a custom domain, and customize the look and feel of your site

When you sign in to DuckDocs for the first time you will be prompted to create your first documentation site. Click the create site button to get started.

Your first documentation site

When you create a new site, DuckDocs will automatically create a couple of demo pages to help you get started.

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New site screenshot

In this screenshot you can see the various elements of a site. Try creating a section, header, and a page.

Reordering the sidebar

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You can drag and drop headings, sections, and pages in the right sidebar to reposition them quickly and easily.

Site Settings

Click Actions -> Site Settings to modify the following items:

  1. Site Favicon - this appears in the browser tab next to your site title
  2. Logo - appears in the navbar at the top of your site, you can set a regular and a dark mode logo
  3. Analytics tracking code - paste your custom tracking code to track page views
  4. Navbar links - add links to the top navbar, these can link to anywhere, up to you.
  5. Theme
    • System theme - automatically switches from light to dark based on user preferences
    • Dark - dark mode only
    • Light - light mode only
  6. Cookie consent banner - show a cookie consent banner. If a user clicks ‘no tracking’ then we will not add your analytics code for future visits by them.

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