Using a Custom Domain

How to use your own business domain for your docs, like

By default your site will deploy to a domain like

You are free to share this URL with others, but most users prefer to have their docs accessible on their own domain.

Choose a custom domain

Go to Actions -> Site Settings and enter the custom domain you’d like to host your docs on. For example

Custom domain restrictions

You cannot use a root domain to host your docs.

  • This does not work:
  • This does work:, or

Update your DNS to add a CNAME

Go to your DNS provider and add a CNAME for your domain pointing to your * domain.

For example:

  • Record type: CNAME
  • Alias: docs
  • Target:

Here’s a screenshot from our DNS provider with an example:

DNS Example

Wait for DNS records to update

It can take 10-30 minutes for DNS changes to take hold across the internet, keep checking your new domain!

If you don’t see it live within that time, contact support


All docs sites get SSL certificates provisioned by default, so you can be sure your users are protected by bank-level encryption.

You do not need to take any actions here. SSL provisioning is fully automatic.

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